Welcome to my Boeing 737-MAX Cockpit building website.

Since a very young age, I have been facinated with Aviation. Later in time, when I've reached the age of 16, I could start with my training on sailplanes. But, unfortunately, I had to interrupt the training for focussing on higher education. As time passed and I started working in the informatics branche, I've lost the track for aviation. As they say that it's kind of addictive, I didn't want to return to sailplanes, but take it a step up. So, I decided to start building a flight simulator (737-900NG) on real scale.
Now, anno 2020, I move forward from the NG model to the MAX model.

This was easier said than done. Where do I start, what do I need, what's out there, etc. And of course, WHAT DOES IT COST!.

After performing some research for a while, I found the suppilier for my parts. FlightDeck Solutions in Canada. I went on to define the budget available and all additional material like projectors, screens, construction materials, etc. I quickly came to the conclusion that the primary question, what does it cost, wasn't enough. I needed to rephrase it to HOW FAR WILL I GO AND WHAT DOES IT COST!. I also came to the conclusion that this wasn't going to be a project of 1 to 2 years, but longer.

So far, every question that I've posed and awnsered, was as expected. Ok, almost. But it was very close. So the advice I want to give to fellow builders out there is that planning is the key to success! But one thing that is needed to prioritize in the planning is buy/build as you fly. In other words, Build and integrate so you can continue flying. It makes no sense to start building and not flying anymore. You'll lose the feel and touch!

Progress Updates

  • Fine tuning [Continous]

  • New E-Series components from Flightdeck Solutons to replace any USB device [ When released ]

  • Fixed-Based Training Device (FBTD) [ Mixed USB & E-Series ]
  • New server assembly
  • New server software installation and configuration

27/12/2020NEW SERVER
After 12 years it's time to say farewell. To the server though.
The new server's hardware is as follows:
  • Motherboard Asus ROG Encore
  • Core i9-10980XE
  • 256GB RAM
  • Samsung EVO 980 PRO - 1TB (Read: 7000 MB ; Write: 5000 MB)
  • Dual (NV-Linked [SLI]) Asus RTX 2080Ti OC 11GB
  • Completely watercooled (for serious overclocking)
My old projectors were ready to be replaced. The new ones are Optoma HD29HST [HDR] (US: GT1080-HDR).
These are capable of 4K HDR (simulated) and have a lamp life of around 20.000 hours.
The screen is very sharp now, compared to my old ones.
05/01/2020Flightdeck Solutions  FBTD 737-MAX
Finally, the new 737-MAX has been installed. And yes, for the ones that are aware of the MCAS issue, It is also present in the Sim-Avionics. Though, there is a possibility to deactivate this.
Hahaha, something Boeing does not have and must sort out differently. . .
Hope they find it soon, as this is a very nice plane. Huge improvement of the MIP !!!
Just received the confirmation that my NEW flightsim is on its way. It's about time to say farewell to my beloved 737NG. The new cockpit , fabricated with the highest detail by FDS, is the 737 MAX - PRO Series. Initially, the plan was to go for the 787. But, the room is too small. Pitty. Though, shortly, I'll start dismantling the current 737NG to make room for the new cockpit. This build will be quite fast as ALL components have been ordered at the same time. One shipment contains it all!
I'll keep you posted on the progress. Also, the website will probably change drastically as well.